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Create powerful websites responsive in any platform and any screen, bringing a new dynamic to your brand



The advantages of Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.):

  • Continuous contact of the brand with the public
  • Loyalty strengthening 
  • Negative comments handling
  • Converting the public to advertisers
  • Statistics and analysis export
  • Continuous adjustment in style posts which ensure the greatest engagement
  • Data targets correlation
  • Contests apps creation and promotion
  • Enhance traffic to your website.

Through competitions, you will be able to promote your services and products, taking advantage of their greater potential to spread more than any other type of post. Participants are required to click ‘’like ‘’and spread the competition to earn more entries.

We offer:

  • Marketing plan & visual page creation
  • Research and publication of interesting posts related to your business
  • Monitoring page every day, weekends and holidays
  • Answers to comments or clients inbox messages.
  • Advertising campaign editing (including public targeting, visual production).
  • Monthly detailed statistics throughout the campaign and their analysis.

So you win on multiple levels.

  • Branding - Your logo and your products will fill Facebook walls thanks to all these shares.
  • Collection database - In every competition we deliver you the complete list of interested users, where we gather all the information we need for Remarketing, e.g. sex, age, email, name etc.
  • Customers – Some users won’t be willing to wait in order to find out if they won the gift. Hence, they will buy your product or service or they will visit your website in order to see more products.
  • Likes to your page - At a time when a Facebook like on a company’s fanpage is very difficult and expensive, you will be able to engage people to your page, giving it prestige but also having a chance to show your posts in even more users.

On promotion or product management agreements, you can use our photo studio at special prices to take professional photographs for your website.

You can also use our service for space photography.

See examples of our successful pages in social media.

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