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E-mail Marketing is probably the most effective way to keep your customers updated, to "drive" them directly on your website with a simple click and to promote exactly what you want every time (new services, offers, etc.).

Economical solution

Obtaining and maintaining email lists of targeted clientele, E-mail Marketing is probably the most inexpensive and easy advertising solution. Use competitions, your website and any other way to get your potential customers’ and your current clientele’s emails! Then, just with one click, you can show them all your new products services or offers!


Observing a campaign’s "behaviour", you know who actually don’t care and which are the best options for every type of campaign (promotions or product groups). Over time, you have a list only of those users who are really interested in your company and your products or services.


An email newsletter for a campaign can be created within a few hours and can reach thousands of people in just a few minutes. Use newsletters for your daily or weekly offers, to get an advantage over your competition, reaching out to seasonal customers.


Boost your site’s performance and reduce any risk that your domain can be characterized as a «spam». Using professional approach for your newsletters and having carefully selected and organized the right lists, we create campaigns with much better results, avoiding the risk of your email ending in spam folders or even never getting delivered..

Reputation / Branding

Recurring valuable newsletters, give a sense of a very serious marketing effort to all recipients and also the chance to imprint your brand and your products in their minds.

How we can help you:

  • Research and campaign design
  • Graphics design
  • Create email list
  • Send & Maintain list




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