Advertising on the internet, called Online Marketing or Internet Marketing, is a form of marketing, based on consumer’s products or services multi-promotion.

It includes:

  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Chat Marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Display Advertising / Web Banner advertising


Online Marketing Advantages


The cost of an online campaign, is much lower than any other advertisement’s type respectively effective, such as television, magazines etc. You can always decide the budget you want to spend and to expand or reduce it.


Perfectly measurable results

Online advertisers can have a huge range of statistics about the effectiveness of their campaign, such as size, gender, age and the response received respectively by each ad type. So, over time, by studying each element, together, we can continuously improve each campaign and bring increasingly better results.


Wide range of ads

You have the option of any kind of promotion. Whether it's photos, creatives, videos or links. You can pass your message through interactive ads or even use contests, surveys, and any other way to build up your clientele.


Targeted advertising

You will not need to spend unnecessary money on ads which would appear on not interested users. In any kind of advertising, we can target specific interests, age, gender, behavior, or even use keywords to find exactly the people who are looking for the services or products of your company.


Impact on every market

Online promotion has no boundaries or limits. We can reach out to each global market.



If we have gained the necessary speed in the production of each campaign’s design, it is easy to start and bring results in all forms, except SEO! You will see your phone ring or your e-shop to have a sales boost. You will be surprised at how much a well structured online campaign can change completely your business’ flow.

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