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In Greece, almost everyone has started to ask for a well SEO-focused website but also to invest in it, forgetting another important additional factor, SEM.

And while SEO truly has to do with the optimization of your website and a better placement in organic search, SEM uses all means to create targeted clientele who will visit your site and also to improve your brand. Search Engine Marketing is a much more broad term of SEO and encompasses virtually all research moves, paid or not, registration and placement of the website in search engines or directories or related websites which will improve our presence, traffic and our website’s classification. It is designed to increase our visibility in the search engines, either through organic results or paid campaigns like AdWords.

SEO and SEM are complementary services. To achieve a good online presence, we need a comprehensive long-term effort and patience. If you want to create a purely commercial website, this is the best investment you can make.

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